myRICS community guidelines

myRICS community Guidelines

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the myRICS community, a place for RICS professionals, partners and anyone studying or working within the surveying industry to connect, collaborate and be inspired. This is your space to discuss challenges, opportunities, and key topics with like-minded peers globally, contributing your experiences towards innovation in the built and natural environment.

We hope you enjoy your time here, and to ensure the best possible experience for all our users we have established some basic guidelines. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with them, as well as our full our full myRICS community Terms and Conditions.


Please Do:

  • Reach out - Explore the myRICS community member directory and connect with RICS members and other users of the community who share your interests and areas of expertise.

  • Contribute to discussions - If you think you can help with a question please do not hesitate to jump in with a reply, even if it looks like it has already been answered.

  • Start discussions - If nobody is talking about the issues that matter to you, do not be afraid to start the conversation yourself.

  • Be clear – Use clear and concise subject lines in your posts. This allows users to respond more appropriately to your post and will make it easier for users to search the archives by subject matter.

  • Share your knowledge – Whether it’s an industry article you have written, a blog or a podcast, we want you to share it with the wider community.

  • Be bold – Don’t feel you have to shy away from discussing some of the more contentious issues of the day, all we ask of you is to keep it civil and on topic.

  • Be respectful and professional - Differences of opinions can often lead to the most productive discussions. Just remember to keep the conversation polite and refrain from personal attacks or insults. Be courteous and respectful towards other users of the community.

  • Be bold - Please be respectful of other’s personal preferences in regard to how they wish to be addressed, e.g. names, titles and pronouns.

  • Show your appreciation – If you find a user’s post insightful, please let them know either with a reply or simply with a ‘Like’. Just make sure to send thanks to the original poster and not the entire list by using the "Reply to Sender" link.

  • Look after your community If you see any content that does not abide by these guidelines or the myRICS community terms and conditions you can either flag it as inappropriate, report it to a member of the Community Team, or email the admins at

Please do not:

  • Break the law – Only use the myRICS community for legal purposes, do not post any illegal content or anything that can be deemed as fraudulent and do not enter the myRICS community under another users’ registration or details.

  • Post any inappropriate content – Posting untrue, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, menacing, harassing, abusive, profane, racist, threatening, offensive or illegal content, or any such materials, is strictly prohibited. This applies to any linked or uploaded content as well as to your own posts.

  • Use foul language or offensive/insulting behaviour – Please keep the conversation civil. Do not use any profanities or insults in your posts towards other users of the community.

  • Post private information - Users should not disclose any personal or confidential information beyond what is available to the public (i.e. confidential client information) or that an individual has agreed may be disclosed. This would apply even in cases where someone’s name is not specifically mentioned. Please do not disclose any sensitive or personal information about yourself or others – this includes information about health, ethnicity and political opinion. Further information can be found in the myRICS community terms and conditions.

  • Advertise or use repetitive posts - Please refrain from posting unsolicited commercial messages or posting any content that could be deemed as spam. This applies to both community discussions and private messaging.

  • Infringe intellectual property - Only post your own original content, or content that you have consent or authorisation to post. The community should not be used to distribute any unauthorised copyrighted materials. Please refer to your obligations under the myRICS community Terms and Conditions if you are unsure.

  • Post admin requests in discussions – Please use your personal settings to unsubscribe yourself from any lists or alerts. If you are changing your email address, you do not need to unsubscribe from any lists as you can simply re-join with your new email address. This can all be done under your settings.

  • Discuss any actions taken by the moderators on the community - Please refrain from posting about community rules, moderation, or other administrative topics or rulings in any discussion threads. If you wish to discuss anything with the moderators or offer feedback, please do contact us via email